05 February 2012

Sunday Snaps

We started the week with Chocolate Chip Muffins...

I spent most of the week sprinkling pixie-dust all over my teammates...

I completed a few challenges and presents - Hobbit was kind enough to model for me...

I love making things that will remind others they are loved and make them smile...

because I totally know how it feels to open a box and be overjoyed with all the love inside.
As you can see, the week was full of fibery goodness - both food and yarn related.  I can't wait to show you my blanket, Rapunzel's New Dream, later on this week.  If I've calculated it properly, I should have one full panel done by tonight or tomorrow.  I'm working it between other projects so we'll see if I get sucked in or swap out as I have been doing.  I've completed 50% of the challenges and even got in my team unity points straight off the bat so I don't think that's bad for the first week.

Tonight, Hobbit will be going to bed early since we've been up since 3 a.m. due to her inability to listen - long story short, she's lactose intolerant and chugged a super huge mug of milk yesterday without taking her medicine... so the icky is ten times worse than if the glass had been smaller and the medicine had been taken.

I've decided that since my beloved Peyton and the Colts didn't make it into the Super Bowl this year, I'm going to root for little brother Eli.  I remember actually watching him play live during an Ole Miss / Arkansas game... still have no clue why anyone would want their team rally cry to be "Pig Sooie" but I digress.  He was amazing in college and is a talented quarterback in his own right.  So instead of my normal Minnie in a Colts uniform that has made appearances around here, this is for Eli and the New York Giants today ~


  1. Totally with you on Peyton AND Eli! Go Giants! As for AK's cry, well, I grew up on a farm but I never thought I'd make that pig call again until....AK played KSU about a month ago and we were ALL rooting for AK in our house (we are all KU fans, esp now that my daughter goes there). So, yes, I actually enjoyed doing a little "soooie"! You will just have to forgive me under the circumstances! Now, having seen a young Manning live in college--very cool! My DH has a large, signed & framed poster of Peyton in his man-cave. My oldest son has dibs on it; my youngest son is currently sporting his Eli jersey for today. We are all first Chiefs fans (I know--it's pathetic but we are at least loyal...) but we like the Mannings. Hope your little one is doing much better now. :o(

    1. We aren't a 'united' house here. Pokey loves the Broncos and I will root for them too because they have my Gator boy, Tim Tebow, but heart belongs to the Colts. They were my daddy's team and while I was a Cowboys fan back in the day (Emmitt Smith, Dan Johnson, Troy Aikman), my heat will always belong to the Colts. I can remember being a little girl and actually owning the coolest leather tennies that had the Colts horseshoe on the side... man, I thought I was it on a stick.


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