11 February 2012

Keeping Promises

I just remembered that earlier this week, I promised to show you what I put in my swap box for my recipient... so here you go ~

She got it all on Tuesday and with one exception, it was a deemed a good box!
Let's run round from top center and I'll share what all is in there.  We've got Ghiradelli Milk Chocolate squares, a green tape measure, a yellow magnetic shopping list and two magnets (Florida themed), a small 3 subject notebook (she loves notebooks and she crochets, knits and spins), the hat I made (apparently it is too big which made me totally bummed but I winged it since I had to do it without measurements - inside joke and reason for the tape measure), Dove Milk Chocolate Valentine heart candies, a "Knitters Unite" button, a ninja rocker cat coin purse, two mini skeins of sock yarn from Rocky Mountain Dyeworks, the latest edition of Simply Knit and a skein of Butterfly Bush sock yarn.

So that was her box.  I am honestly gutted that the hat was too big.  It is a slouch hat and I followed the directions without modification because I didn't have her measurements.  It can't shrink because it's a mostly acrylic blend yarn.  She did make a comment that she would cut off the band and add a wool one so that she can reshrink it when it stretches out of shape.

All in all, I had a great time with my first swap.  I don't think I did too badly with creating my first box and I know for a fact that I was completely spoiled by my first package that I received.  As my budget permits, I might toss my hat in for another one because I can see how this could get very addictive, and expensive, for a crafter.  Our budge was to have a box of $40 value - I assume that is the average so upon my initial budget tweaking, I can participate once every four months... 3 swaps a year sounds like a great plan.

Who knows - maybe I'll host a swap next...


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