23 February 2012

There's just no way...

I can be expected to do chores when I'm still 14 squares short!
After I take Hobbit to school today, I've got to tear through the kitchen - Pokey cooked last night but somehow the kitchen got completely missed.  I had a raging headache and he fell asleep early so I guess we each thought the other had done it.  My day didn't start off fabulously but it's partly my own fault for not double checking.

Once that is done, I've got to wind my birthday hank because I found the perfect shawl to make out of it.  Y'all remember my Bellini that I got from Three Irish Girls?  After months of searching, I finally found the perfect shawl for it.  It's simple enough to let the beautiful yarn be the star but still has enough details to keep me from going bonkers with boredom while I work on it.  I need to have the yarn ready to go because I'm going to start it at midnight on March 1st because I'm going to need the entire month to work on it - for both Nerd Wars and the Leap Into Spring KAL with the Simply Notable Ravelry group.

Right now though, I must get back on track with my dissertation.  I am running about 14 squares behind schedule.  I can usually kick out 2 while I wait for Hobbit to get out of school and 2 while I wait at cheer practice tonight, then 2 more while I wait tomorrow for Hobbit to get out of school.  That gives me 6 so I'm still running 12 short and sewing time.  I'm thinking that if I can knock out an extra 3 tonight and tomorrow night then all I'll have to do is make 2 on Saturday and sew them together over the weekend.  I know I worked in a cushion for my timing but I'd rather not start thinking in that mindset because we're heading into "Birthday Season" around here and it can get crazy.

6 events in 4 months - yeah, definitely better to craft now.

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