04 February 2012

Once upon a swap

For me?
I just finished participating in my first swap... ever.  At first, I wasn't sure what all had to be done or how it all played out but being the Type A personality that I am, I did some serious researching and that put my mind at ease.  It also helped me come up with a plan - make a box that I would love to get - and I stuck to my plan... then my box actually came and I was blown away.

She's crazy good, isn't she - the color, the length, the pattern.. all perfect!
 Yesterday was the day she told me to expect it but to be honest with you, I completely forgot.  I knew something was supposed to happen that day but I couldn't remember what... then I heard a knock at the door and saw the big brown truck outside!  You would have thought it was Christmas and I was chasing down Santa himself.  I couldn't get to the door fast enough... and once I did, I was so excited that I could barely work the handle.  Gently, I lifted the box up and carried it inside with the same reverence as if I were holding the Holy Grail.  Carefully, I cut the tape and removed the lid - oh holy wow, is this all for me?!?!

Isn't all just lovely?  Couldn't you die?  Best part, it's really all for me!!
I found several beautifully wrapped articles, one in a distinctive green, and an envelop which contained a letter that outlined what all I would find.  I'll admit that as soon as I saw that it was an outline, I put it to the side and dove in to the presents - I wanted to be surprised... and boy was I.  Blocking mats with T-pins, a Turkish spindle, a beautiful handmade knit shawl, 2 homemade snap bags, an O-ring notebook, a mug rug, a homemade coffee collar and two balls of Debbie Bliss yarn in the most beautiful pink tweed colorway.

It's as if my secret swap partner already knew me - everything was so deliciously perfect.  I'll admit it, I cried a little as I was reading her outline because I had never had a perfect stranger send me something so completely wonderful.  A box full of joy, handpicked or crafted especially for me - and all of it was spot on.

Thank you, Susan.  I adore everything you sent, admire and appreciate everything you made and will treasure it for the rest of my life.  Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you!!

I'll share my swap box that I sent out on Monday - that's when she's scheduled to receive it so I won't be ruining any surprises.


  1. Well, how fun!!! All of it!! (ya gotta love the brown truck!)

  2. Wonderful swap package! You made out like a bandit. I'm glad you had a positive 1st experience. Btw, I get really excited when I see the UPS guy walk up to my front door, too. Lol.

  3. Lucky you, that's a gorgeous swap package :) I love swaps, I have a few on the go at the moment!


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