04 February 2012

A day late

I'm sorry I missed putting up my "Weekend Wonderment" post.  My laptop died late Thursday night.  Seriously.  Dead.  I was sans computer... then I remembered who I married.  Pokey is a miracle worker because he managed to bring my computer back to brand new condition.  A few lost bookmarks is worth having my computer back.  So let's catch up, shall we?

1. Rapunzel's New Dream  2. Pixar Love  3. A Fistful of Firsts

I may be frogging "Pixar Love", I'm not sure yet.  You see, that and "A Fistful of Firsts" will answer the same Nerd Wars challenge.  One would be yet another knit item for Peanut and one would be a knit item for either Hobbit or myself.  Not to sound awful but you know how kids are about knitwear - nothing is appreciated really until they're adults.  Don't get me wrong, they ask for stuff and think it's neat but it will still be years before I won't find my hard work balled up on the floor.

Anywho, that is my weekend - not going to read at all.  Not sure about what I will put on while I work, could just let my Pandora stations play or I might put on a movie.  Oh yeah, and I have to frog my "A Fistful of Firsts" for the fourth time but I just recently learned that it isn't because I can't do it but that the pattern is utter rubbish (I was shocked, honestly thought that I was just overly ignorant) but there is a thread on Ravelry that solves these issues for me so the fifth time will be the charm.

What's on your plate for this weekend?  Any fibery fun planned?

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  1. I just finished a quilt yesterday, today's pretty busy but hope to do a little knitting tonight while watching a movie. Tomorrow, I'm afraid, will find me mostly in the kitchen cooking up waaaay too much Superbowl food but maybe I'll get some more knitting done during the game. Have "homework" to do before the first of two glove classes this coming Saturday. Still haven't picked a "second sock" pattern but I have the yarn.


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