06 February 2012

Motivational Mondays ~ 2/6

Have I ever told you that I actually like Mondays?  I know, I'm in the minority but I do.  It gives me a great peace of mind to know that on Mondays, I get my routine back.

Pokey goes to work (even though it's now it's his Friday) and Hobbit goes back to school.  That means that I have almost 5 hours where the house is quiet and I can get it back in order.  As soon as I get back from taking Hobbit to school this morning, I will pick up all the stray items that have somehow gotten lost from their original homes.  I will dust and vacuum and wash clothes and mop and wipe everything until my house sparkles like in a cartoon.  Then, I can sit down and knit or play on the computer or watch something on the television - it may only be 30 minutes, depending on how badly it was attacked over the weekend, but it's still my time to enjoy the fact that my house is set right.

The secret to happiness is to make your own.
Sure, as soon as I come home with Hobbit it somehow gets instantly messy again with five minutes time.  Yeah, I know that Pokey has days where he isn't much better because things just seem to fall of the both of them with a gravitational pull so strong that it's a miracle they can stand upright - and that same pull makes it impossible for them to pick it all back up again.  Although, my husband has broken that magical force field that surrounds the dishwasher so I hold out hope, on the whole.

Yes indeed, I love Mondays - I love Thursdays too for the exact same reason because we have two weekends in this house right now... Pokey's weekend and Hobbit's weekend.  I'm sure I'll get things back to one weekend soon but for now, I'll just keep enjoying my Mondays and Thursdays... and my sparkly clean house... for however long it lasts.

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  1. I LOVE my alone time because I know it won't be that way forever.....otherwise it is a lonely thought. BUT I do love my tiny time alone


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