18 February 2012

It is what it is... and that's okay

This is Hobbit's attitude about recent developments and I love it.  As y'all have been witness, this has been a rough year for her regarding school and we have been doing all we can to help her while we get to the root of the challenge... yesterday, I think I finally did.  Monday we'll have a better idea of if my research is true, once we speak to her doctor.

Let me get y'all caught up because I know I've not said a whole lot of what I've been doing behind the scenes here.  After several months of reading about every possible reason as to why things have been the way they are, I kept coming back to one possibility that I honestly kept dismissing.  Months of insulting conversations and emails from sanctimommies, months of side by side planning and evaluating with her teacher (no, I don't care for her and yes, I find her abrasive but we work with whatever we have for the betterment of our child) and my own constant observations and recordings in hopes of finding trends or clues to get the final piece of the puzzle that will shed some light on things.

So while others who know nothing of our family have been saying the most horrible of things about me and my family, I have been plugging away.  Self-righteous emails full of wild accusation and belittling comments made about my child, myself and my husband.  To those who sent them, if attempting to tear someone else down in order to raise yourself up brings you joy then I hope you are beside yourself with glee.  I don't take your ugliness to heart because I know that nothing that was written was true. The main focus of my husband and myself is to make sure that our children are happy, healthy and thriving.  If one stumbles, we are there to pick them up - not yell at them for falling.  While you sit there and attempt to point out the splinter in my eye, please be sure to remove the plank from your own first.

Monday, we will learn what I have already ascertained to be true.  Monday, we will have the official evaluation from the 25 or so online ones that all read the same results.  Monday, we will be taking the first documented steps in getting Hobbit the help that she needs to succeed in school - and to overcome her learning disability... Dyslexia.  Somehow, I don't think "tough love" will help, do you?

If the mean people learn only one thing from this post, I hope that it is to not make wild judgement calls when they don't have all the facts.  Insulting a child is despicable in it's own right but insulting a child with a learning disability is just disgusting.  Think before you speak.


  1. You actually get insulting emails about your child or your parenting? What kind of person DOES something like that? I don't understand that. I've been working with my second kid because I suspect that she's very mildly dyslexic. In just a year, she's improved two grade levels in her reading, so once you have an idea of what is wrong, you can help them. But to have someone belittle them or you because your child is born different...that's the lowest of the low.

    1. I'm sorry to say that yes, I do and as to the type of person who sends them... well, all I can do is feel sorry for them because it's painfully obvious that they are bitter, angry souls who find pleasure in attempting to make other people feel badly. I can't worry with them though, my time and energies are better spent on other things... this one just really upset me because it involved insults and accusations towards my youngest - shame on them for stooping to such levels.


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