20 February 2012

Perceptions and balances

At some point we, as a society, developed a skewed perception as to what we have a right to know.  This idea that the amount of information shared is somehow directly correlated to level of curiosity is wrong.

I have no right to know what goes on behind the closed doors of anyone - family, friend or celebrity - unless they are comfortable sharing it with me.  Conversely, they - family, friend or celebrity - shouldn't feel that they have to share everything that occurs behind closed doors with me... and visa versa.

The level of information that a person has regarding another person's life is a gift.  If you have been trusted with a high level of clearance, then you have been blessed.  If you haven't been trusted with it, it simply means that the person doesn't feel you need to know. Simply put - the level of nosiness doesn't directly influence the level of trust.

Trust is something that is earned through making deposits in people's emotional bank accounts.  If all you do is make withdrawals and never make a deposit, your account will be closed... but if you continually make deposits, no matter the size, you will be granted withdrawals without penalties.

So the next time you want to know more about a person's life, take a moment to check how much time, energy and love you have deposited into it first.  You just might be surprised at your current standing balance.

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