08 February 2012

Random Wanderings

Yep, another day where my brain just won't kick into gear so it's going to wander around randomly today... should be fun considering I have a lot to get done today.

I need to make 1 large square and then single crochet around all the squares
on my Nerd Wars dissertation - Rapunzel's New Dream.
I had to change my pattern for A Fistful of Firsts because the one I was
using was so poorly written that a Ravelry group devoted a thread to fix it.
Starbucks is having a promotion - buy a bag of Blonde roast, get a free drink.
Hobbit's first cheer practice is tomorrow - heaven help us all.
15 minutes, every night - no exceptions and no excuses - to right a wrong Hobbit created.
... and now it's time to get my hiney in gear.  Pokey and I are going out and about after we drop Hobbit off at school.  We're thinking about having a bit of breakfast and I've got my Benadryl because I want a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit - have been for several weeks.  Then tonight, one of my many guilty pleasures is on - and it's Hollywood week so it should prove to be a rather interesting show!

Now, where did I leave my shoes...


  1. BLueberries for Sal is one of those go to baby gifts for me. I give it to everyone!

    1. I love that one too - and "Goodnight Moon" is always a staple with newborn gifts.

  2. Your Fistful of Firsts looks lovely though ... fabulous lemony color!

    1. That photo is from the pattern link - although it is a fabulous lemony color that they used, isn't it. Mine is a light green.. more like lemon grass... lol.


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