24 May 2011

C is for...

concentration... most definitely concentration.

Most everything around here lately has been requiring my full concentration - keeping it together for Peanut's graduation, knitting patterns, blog posts, photography projects, baking and a myriad of other bits and bobs... the challenge is that I can barely keep focus to accomplish the mundane things.  Shoot, just yesterday I almost let Hobbit go to school without shoes!

Perhaps it is nerves, worries or just general ennui but whatever it is, my concentration is shot.  My coffee consumption could probably be increased but given the astronomical amount that I naturally drink, I'm not sure that would be a fabulous solution.  I could get more sleep but since I've taken to having a 45 minute nap every afternoon, I'm sure that's not a great solution either.  I just don't know.

What I do know is that in about three weeks time, I will have my concentration back but for now it appears to be available in fits and starts so best take it while it's there.

This is a new series started by An Accidental Knitter that I thought would be fun so every Monday, we'll be learning our ABCs together!  Click here for more information or to join in the fun.


  1. I think concentration is only there if you have one thing to concentrate on. The more ways you try to split your concentration, the more it disappears! But trust me on this, drinking a lot of coffee makes your concentration power worse, not better (though it does increase your staying awake power)

  2. Do you write lists? It helps you focus on what really needs doing and / or what you really want to do. And it feels really good to cross things off. Also, try and cut down the coffee a bit. It might be making you a bit ....hyper. It always makes my blood sugar drop and then I can't think at all.


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