24 May 2011

Speaking of Concentration

I totally forgot that today was the whole Ten on Tuesday thing... it's okay though because it was on "Catalog Shopping"... something I do not do.  I'm too tactile to catalog shop.  I don't like to order something in a standard size that should fit and after waiting for it to arrive, learn that it doesn't for whatever reason.  I prefer to wander around, aimlessly really, and touch all the items.  When one grabs me, I'll try it on.  If it looks good, I'll fall in love... and then I usually look at the price tag, faint dead away and either photograph it to mentally deconstruct and recreate or start figuring out a way to noodle my budget.  Oh yeah, my purse always has a camera, tape measure, pen and paper to write down all the necessary information.  So to recap:
  1. Always carry camera in your purse.
  2. Always have pen and paper handy.
  3. Know your measurements.
  4. Deconstruct the item mentally.
  5. Tissue paper makes great pattern pieces.
  6. The sewing machine is your friend.
  7. Knitting a sweater is a million times better than buying one from a catalog.
  8. Teach someone else how to sew or knit - or learn from someone else if you don't know.
  9. Impulsing shopping is awful.
  10. Save a tree - don't catalog shop... my uber liberal friends will be clapping now... hehehe.

So there you have my version of catalog shopping - don't do it... don't even shop at the store.  The store is for inspiration really.  Simply make it yourself and find joy the entire process... that's what I do now and I love it.


  1. I'm a tactile shopper too, so I know what you mean.

    Thanks for your lovely comment about my socks by the way :) In answer to your questions, the yarn was from my mum's LYS and is a Regia one. No pattern used really, they're totally plain vanilla socks based on Silvers Sock Tutorial, good for showing off the stripes!

  2. Glad I'm not the only one who feels this way.


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