09 May 2011

One More Monday

That is all Peanut has of school.  Just one more Monday, and at that it is only be "checked out" of the school - turn in books, clean out lockers, get cap & gown.  I can't believe it... just one more Monday.

Most of my friends have children who are closer in age to Hobbit than Peanut so they have all been wondering if I'm a mess and how am I handling it.  I'm doing alright.  I'm not a mess because I'm not sad.  I've been thinking about this all year... shoot, since last year really.  I raised her to be an independent person with the faith and conviction that she can do anything she sets her mind to... and I'll be danged if she didn't turn out just like that - so how can I be sad?

Someone asked me if it was bittersweet too.  I don't feel that either, to be honest.  I have no elation tinged with heartbreak.  I know many mothers who weep over every milestone - not because of joy over the accomplishment but because of sorrow over the growth.  That, to me, is the completely wrong mindset.  I cheered every one - both big and small - because it meant that she was growing up... the exact same reason so many of the mothers I know get upset. 

I do the same with Hobbit when she reaches them as well.  I encourage them and support them and sometimes, I even push them... because I know they can do it.  I want them to be able to do it.  More importantly, I want them to be able to do it and not look back because of apprehension but charge forward because of confidence.

So yes, Peanut has one more Monday of high school - a fact that she herself did not realize until I told her this morning - then we will cheer on the next milestone because my baby has grown up... and grown up well.

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