02 May 2011

I Honestly Don't Understand

So I have a friend who is a very liberal in her view points.  We talk and even though there is a great age gap between us (she's old enough to be my mama), we enjoy one another's company... that is, until last night apparently.

News of this whole bin Laden situation seems to have torn a rift between us.  I made a comment that she did not agree with, which resulted in her uttering how disappointed she was in me and had lost a bit of respect for me.

Wow - all because I hold a different view?  I will never lose respect for someone because they have a different opinion or view of a situation from me.  Most times, depending on their ability to uphold or present their position, I gain a bit of respect and insight.  I appreciate different points of view - and I appreciate those who question.

So because I do not hold the celebratory stance on the events of last night, someone has lost respect for me... because I questioned, someone is disappointed in me.  I don't mean to be purposefully ignorant, but I honestly don't understand how a person can say such things based on a difference of opinion.

Since when did that equate to respect or approval from others is won or lost?


  1. We are all entitled to our opinions, no matter how much they differ, and friends SHOULD see and understand this - and most certainly should respect the other person's viewpoint even if they don't agree. Possibly this person was not the friend you thought they were? Maybe it is you who should have lost a bit of respect for them for being this way with you?

    I don't know at the end of the day as I am just an outsider looking in but I think this is how I would feel about it.

    I do hope you can sort things out together though. :)

  2. You might like reading my blog entry on this subject from this morning. I agree, everyone has the right to their own opinion. http://marissafrog.blogspot.com/

  3. The "Bin Laden" issue has raised a lot of different feelings all over the place. I have tried to steer clear of commenting at all because there are so many different ways to offend. I am sure your friend meant no harm- it just seems as thought everyone is feeling hot on the topic right now. I hope your friend realizes the value of your friendship and respects your opinions.


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