05 May 2011

Sleep Deprivation Randomness

Between Pokey's new schedule adjustment and Hobbit's first ever screaming nightmare that actually scared the stuffing out of me and Pokey, I am completely sleep deprived today.  Pokey is currently napping on the sofa and I don't have the heart to move him.  Hobbit is having an apple and peanut butter for breakfast - yes, she's home because waking up at 2 a.m. and crying over the scariness of her dream which had sleep eluding her for about 2 hours gives one the sympathy vote to sleep in instead of being schlept off to school with only half the amount of sleep she normally gets.  What can I say - I'm a softy.

Random things keep running through my mind and I've got little lists running around my house.  Yes, that was multiple because I keep misplacing my original list.  The items aren't earth shattering, they are just things I need to remember to do which I seem to forget until it's a bit late in the game.  Here is a snippet:
  • Make menus and work out grocery list
  • Dust, vacuum and mop downstairs
  • Laundry - darks and sheets
  • Actually do the grocery shopping - sans monsters if possible
  • Work on test knit shrug so it can be completed before graduation
  • Work on socks as car line pick up project
  • Find time to figure out a work out plan - starting to look like Grandma
  • Shop around for a place to have Pokey's brakes looked at - they make an awful noise
  • Learn to make homemade bread and actually make it this time
Yeah, lately I have had to write down simple things like knitting.  I don't like it when life gets so busy that I have to schedule or remind myself to do something relaxing.  I forgot to write down that I need to sew my dress pattern this weekend too... shoot.

Sleep deprivation seems to only effect me though - proof is in the gentle snoring coming from the living room (both sofa and floor - gotta love dogs who snore) and from the back room... oh well, it's in the job description, right?


  1. Your list looks mine, including make time to knit.

  2. I love my lists! Especially when most of it is crossed out in the evening which shows me, that I had planned well.
    And happy tired doggies are just great! The four are scattered around on the cool tiles in the living room and in the sunny garden, often changeing between the two :-)


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