19 May 2011

Mauve Mix

Mauve Mix in 1 ply Merino Wool by sandrasingh.com
Wow - Sandra Singh really knows how to do up a giveaway, let me tell you.  I found out that I won a set of four patterns plus three skeins of her gorgeous 1 ply merino wool this past Sunday.  I am pleased to say that my winnings arrived yesterday in the post!

The wool is absolutely scrumptious - a $35 value that is worth every single penny.  The colorway is breathtakingly beautiful.  The way that it slides from a cranberry to a mauve to a soft pink and back again is just magnificent.

Don't you just love this little sheep on her label?
The patterns are challenging but not overwhelming.  Lisa Ellis Designs writes an easy to follow pattern with what will (hopefully) be gorgeous results.  I can not wait to sit down once the girls have gone on to visit my folks and tuck into this pattern.  It is going to be something that I know Peanut will treasure.

I implore all of you to please take a moment and wander around the links because trust me, once you have made these discoveries you will wonder how in the world you survived without knowing for so long.  Thank you Miss Sandra... thank you so much!


  1. Hi Amy! I'm so happy to read that you love the yarn and pattern. And thank you for all the kind words and links too. Have fun creating one of the Hooded Scarves or Cowls and let me know, and see, your finished project.

  2. Wow, that yarn is stunning! You are certainly lucky to have won it.

  3. Beautiful yarn love! I am sure you will do it justice. :) Congrats on your win.


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