02 May 2011

Snippety Snip Snip

I did it.  I got brave.  I sat down and said "today is the day" and by cracky, it was!  I cut out my dress for Peanut's graduation.  I was nervous... I mean, if I mess this up then I'm going to be in one serious pickle.  I want to wear something pretty and today's fashions are not pretty - shoot, they aren't even feminine!

Y'all should know with me - everything is a photo op!
So after I cut out my pattern, I noticed that I had about a yard left over.  That is the perfect amount for a Hobbit skirt!  Then I noticed the odds and ends from my pattern cutting.  That would make a great addition to my mama's quilt material stash!

After those two discoveries, I felt very frugal indeed.  You see, my material was on sale - it helped to ease my fear knowing that I was using "stale" material that was discounted.  This means that for a whopping $19 I am going to have a dress for me, a skirt for Hobbit and be part of a quilt by my mama.  I think that is money well spent.

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