29 May 2011

Quiet - What's Up?

So it's been unusually quiet here on the blog.  Not me, but by y'all.  Too many family oriented posts?  Blogger being a booger and causing issues?  What's up?

A dear friend email me, said she was having issues commenting but wanted me she was there.  I appreciated her for that and then I got to wondering if others are having problems as well.

So here's what we'll do ~  If you can comment but just haven't been moved to do so, please hit "Cool".  If you have wanted to comment but are having issues, please hit "Interesting".  I understand not wanting to comment and I take no offense it at all.  I don't always comment - but I do always read - so it's nothing to worry over.  If you have been wanting to write and have been having issues, well then that is something that I need to fix for y'all.

Have a safe and pleasant Memorial Day tomorrow... and take a moment to remember those who have fallen protecting our great nation.


  1. I don't usually post in here - I email back if you have an email associated with your account - but I just wanted to say that y'all rock. Thanks so much for hitting the buttons so I know everything is A-Okay.

  2. yeah, it's been quiet everywhere in blogland I find. Partly it's seasonal and partly because blogger is frequently blocking one's ability to comment etc. But I think from now through fall it will be quieter than usual as folks spend more time out and about and less time at their computers.

  3. Hi there!

    I just wanted to post really to let you know that i have been reading but due to router problems (that have now been fixed by hubby yay!) I can now get back to commenting. I thought it was blogger doing its' thing but no, it was me all along! :)


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