18 May 2011

All Done... Well, Almost

One of her Senior shots I took
Today was Peanut's Senior "check out" day.  We managed to get everything checked off and buttoned up.  She also received her cap and gown, which is hanging in her room - wishing with all we have that the majority of the creases fall out before I have to iron it on next Thursday night.  There are still a couple of Graduation rehearsals and a Senior Picnic afterwards that need to be attended next week.  I can't believe that my little leprechaun surprise of a baby girl is graduating high school in 9 days.  Wow, time sure does fly.

Hobbit came home with a paper stating that there will be a celebration for her end of term - a Kindergarten graduation of sorts.  It was requested that we bring in cookies but nothing about allergies was listed so I am at a loss as to how to proceed.  I could email Mrs. R and ask but to be honest, I have little faith that she would know. 

My folks - aren't they cute!
My folks are coming in town next Thursday night.  I have been slowly scrubbing every surface of the house.  This is not because we are dirty or messy but more because my mama has always had a bit of a critical eye when it comes to appearances.  I know she isn't trying to be mean and I try to remind myself of that... plus, sometimes I can be a bit too sensitive too so I will remind myself to take everything with a grain of salt.  I love my mama with all of my heart - I just don't want any of the comments that I have heard her say about other people's home made towards mine... so I am cleaning at a feverish pitch.  That being said - I came home from picking up Hobbit from school to find Pokey shampooing the living room carpet for me!  I tell you, a man with a carpet shampooer, working to surprise his neurotic wife, is very sexy indeed.

I just realized that I forgot to get anything out this morning so I guess we'll be doing breakfast for supper - French Toast and Eggs anyone?

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  1. Thank you so much for your comments on my blog regarding the knitting! I have joined The Corner Cafe group in the hope that I can gain some lovely knitty friends foremost and also gain some knitting experience!

    The creased graduation gown reminds me of when I had a few creases in my wedding dress - perhaps try putting in the shower room - the steam may help to remove the creases it has? If it saves some ironing it'll be worth a go lol ;)


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