23 May 2011

Life Gets Interesting

I am always amazed at how Pokey and I take turns on who gets to be ticky over something.  If it comes to dealing with physical people, I get to do it.  If it has to do with mechanical or physical objects, he gets to do it.  We are each frustrated to no known end by that which we do not deal with... but today it just struck me as funny regarding how things just seem to naturally fall into place during a marriage.

Peanut, Hobbit & Pokey - so cute!
Today, Pokey noticed some hinky charges to our bank account that should not have occured which then made our account go negative so that the checks we wrote at the grocer became rubbery, if you catch my drift, and that caused us to incur more charges.  He was going through the roof.  I set him to task at finding me the 800 service number and then kissed him goodbye for work.  While he left, a bit hot under the collar, I made a phone call.  All I can say is "Thank you, Disney, for teaching me how to keep my cool whilst dealing with ignorant people" because it sure came in handy this morning.  Not only did my magical ways get all the charges refunded, the other things were dropped and our money is back in our account, safe and sound.  A thing that poor Pokey would not have been able to do because he would have lost it all over them.

Now, before y'all start nodding I have to give Pokey his proper kudos - because he deals with the things that make my blood boil.  Things that involve tools or assembly or detailed step by step instructions.. that is his area of expertise.  I end up throwing it across the room - like I did with the mop earlier in the week.  I couldn't get the new sponge head on, I got it off just fine but couldn't get the new one on so my temper (which I inherited from my red headed daddy) flared up and I tossed it across the room in a most unladylike fashion.  Pokey wandered in, popped it on, kissed my forehead, chuckled at me and went back to shampooing the carpets.

He forgives me of my temper with inanimate objects just as I forgive him his in regards to animated ones.  It's funny how these things just seem to fall into place - and it is definitely one of the things that keeps life interesting.

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