07 May 2011

Therapeutic Recovery

Progress was made in many ways last night
"Applied for health reasons""the process of regaining possession or control of something lost or stolen".  That is what Ramsay and I did last night.  We had a bit of 'therapeutic recovery'... we needed it... and I think it worked.

After our horrific afternoon full of tears, we spent that evening sitting in our chair together.  He was curled in his spot, I was in mine.  We watched a bit of our favorite chef and spent some time in Stars Hollow... all the while, knitting and rebonding.

I used to spend the evenings knitting in my chair with him on my lap or snuggled in nicely by my side.  It didn't matter where I was, I was somewhere where he could snuggle up and melt away into la la land.  Lately, I've been processing photos or running around or cleaning or fussing at children or playing a game with Pokey... there has been a severe lack of Ramsay/Mama time.  I have squeezed my knitting time into the car pick-up lines at the girls' schools.  Let's face it, it's practically three hours of my daily life where I am forced to be sitting so I might as well knit... or read - currently I am diving into American Wife but it's too early to tell if I'm enjoying it or not... morbid curiosity keeps me reading though.

Anywho, last night I thought that I would sit down with my puppy and knit.  Part of the reason I wanted a small breed dog was because I wanted someone to sit and knit with - and Ramsay fit the bill.  He has always been "my dog".  From the moment I found him in the 'stale puppy' section, we knew we were meant to be together.  He has been my first fur baby that was truly 'mine' and not a family pet... and that is what I wanted.  He snuggles in and will sleep with me if I lay down on the sofa.  He will snuggle in and sit with me while I knit or read or watch a movie.  He isn't pushy and he doesn't ask for much... just to be near me.

You see, I think that is what I forgot with all the craziness in getting through graduation and such lately.  I forgot that fur babies need some Mama time too.  So through the course of two hours, I managed to repair my relationship with Ramsay - and repair my shrug design test knit.  All in all, I would say that it was a definite success... for all involved.

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  1. Glad it worked out like this for both of you! Could be that he saw your knitting as “very important” to you and just wanted to have it for this reason. Same for some dogs with chewing on the remote control though there are several chewing bones available…


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