10 May 2011

Ten on Tuesday - Boogie Shoes Edition

My goodness, this is two weeks in a row that Carole has asked for something that I know nothing about... this time, it's Big Parties.  I don't throw big parties.  I don't go to big parties.  I am the antithesis of a party animal or socialite... so how am I supposed to write a top ten list on this subject?  Well, you know me - unconventional or not... I'll give it a go ~
  1. Know people.  Sounds simple right, it is... but I don't know anyone around here so big parties consist of the kids and us throwing down a mad night of Wii bowling with a buffet of snacks... oh yeah, we bad.
  2. Enjoy people.  Another thing that you would think would be simple to remedy but it actually isn't... you see, Pokey and I don't generally like "people".  We like individuals but people, not so much.
  3. Something to celebrate.  Now we do celebrate... lots of things actually.  From the regular birthdays and graduations all the way to the fact that it's simply Tuesday.  It doesn't have to be a good reason, just a reason.
  4. Theme.  I don't know why I believe that parties should have a theme, they just do so go with it.
  5. Good food.  If you're going to celebrate then you better eat, and eat well... I'm just saying.
  6. Games galore.  I think everyone who shows up should be forced to wear ridiculous hats at the very least and play immature games so others can laugh at them.. I mean with them.  It's all in good fun.
  7. Presents.  It's a party, presents should always be involved whenever possible.
  8. Goodie bags.  Everyone loves a good goodie bag, no matter how old they are, so be sure to have them with every gathering.
  9. Back up plan.  As you can see, my party throwing skills are severely lacking so it's always good to have a back up plan, just in case it turns out as horribly as you predict.
  10. Clean up crew.  If I have gone to all the trouble to throw the big party, I don't want to have to clean up after it.. I'm probably tired at this point and less then sociable.  It's best to have someone else clean it up or else there will be grumbling and mumbling which could turn very ugly, very quickly.
Yeah, I know nothing about throwing big parties.  I don't throw them and I don't attend them.  I have no knowledge of the subject and don't plan on acquiring any, any time soon.  I sure hope that next week Carole gives me something that I have a clue about... or at least it's easier to poke a bit of fun at instead.

1 comment:

  1. Well, I think you're missing your calling here! Sounds like you could throw a GREAT party (if you had the inclination, that is!). Excellent list.


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