21 May 2011

Cookies, Photos and Fibre... Oh My!

Oh boy - cookies!
The girls decided to make cookies today.  We have Chocolate Chocolate Chip ones and Peanut Butter ones.  I have to say though, the peanut butter ones came out perfectly!  Every year for Christmas, I make a batch of these and they never turn out as great as theirs did today.  Size, shaping, sugaring... I'm resisting the urge to photo shoot them for the rest of the night.  Yes, they are that fabulous.

I took a few photos of the girls making their treats.  I worked really hard not to cry during the process too because it dawned on me that this would probably be the last time they would be able to do such things together... at least until Christmas.  I'm down to only having 11 days left with Peanut before my folks scoop both of them up and haul them back to Texas to for their vacation together.  I already warned Pokey that I will be a puddle on the 2nd and I wanted him to honor my request to allow me to be a puddle that day for as long as I needed... but only on that day.  If it rolls on for any longer than that, well, it's just not healthy to wallow in it until your fingers get pruney.  One day should suffice.

No 2nd sock syndrome here!
I have been working my second sock in hopes of having it done before they leave.  Most of Peanut's college things will be in the van going back to Texas since my folks will be the ones taking her up to South Dakota in the fall.  Pokey and I really wanted to do it but we couldn't get the right time frame off so my folks offered.  Anyway, I want to finish this second purple sock so that she can pack it in her dorm trunk.  Also, I told myself that if I finished it, I would allow myself to start the hooded scarf so I could have it ready for my first care package I'm sending out after the first week of school is over.  I've got a few items already stashed for her box.

Alrighty, supper is almost ready so I'll post photos when I finish the pair... perhaps I'll have Peanut model them for everyone... lol.  I hope y'all are having a fabulous Saturday too - what have you been up to this beautiful day?

1 comment:

  1. Hey send those girls on over to my home, I sure can use some perfect peanut butter cookies! :)
    Enjoy your days with Dani-can't wait to see her finished socks.
    Have a great Saturday!


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