06 May 2011

Heven Help Him... He's Gonna Need It

He did it again.  I can't believe that he would do it again, but he surely did.  20 minutes.  That's all I was gone for and he managed to ruin it in no time flat.  In my head, the scene played where he waited for the door to lock, snuck over to the window to watch my car drive away and then WHAM!

"That foolish girl" was probably what he was thinking as he let out an evil puppy giggle.  "She thought that because I have been so good this morning that it would be alright to leave me out of my crate for a short bit while she and Daddy go to get his car.  My plan worked... and now, come to me, my precious."  Slowly, he creeps over to the soft buttery leather bag in the most appealing of cotton candy pinks.  Nudging it with his nose, whoops - it falls to the ground.  "Well now, since it's on the floor, it must be for me.  Right?  *Bwahaha."

Sadly, he was wrong.  He didn't realize this until I returned home... and then, he had no doubt.  The question I ask is why?  Every time he does this, he gets punished.  He knows he has done wrong because he will fold his ears back and squint his eyes closed... sort of like "if I can't see you or hear you, then it's not happening" kind of thing.  The curl in his tail falls out and the smile (yes, he does usually hold a smile) fades away.  Sometimes, he'll throw in a shake for good measure.

He understands that he has done wrong, and yet he continues to be a repeat offender.  I don't know what else to do.  I love him.  I do.  I hate his mischievous, sneaky behavior.  I despise that he knows it is wrong and will do it anyway.  I abhor the fact that I can't trust him.

It's a good thing he's cute because some days, that face and funky tail with it's awkward wag is the only thing that saves him.  I'll be glad when we no longer have a 'puppy' in this house... I don't like 'puppy'.

*In case you are lost, Ramsay knocked over my pink knitting bag and tore apart my new yarn that I was using to work up my original design shrug test knit - along with my actual test knit.  It was all over the floor from my chair where I knit all over the living room... it was as if he was living out the title of Bilbo's book - "There and Back Again".


  1. Actually I am not so sure he really knows what he has done wrong. It looks like this to us humans but the dogs work different. They know that we get upset with them when the room looks like that (whatever it was they have done) and try to appease us. And there is the "importance factor". You should try to catch him in the act, and think of not letting your knitting in reach before you leave (I have learned the hard way now that "on the dining table" IS within reach of a tiny terrier!)
    Hth Tina in Germany

  2. Maybe he just wants to learn how to knit?


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