09 January 2011

Bella Beanie

Peanut leaves for college in 6 months (I know the exact number of days but I don't want to make this a sad post about my baby growing up).  She will be living in a dorm room and her cat, Bella, can't go with her.  Peanut has raised Bella since birth and they have the most unbelievable bond.  While Peanut is away, Bella will be living with my mom in Texas (I'm off the charts allergic to cats and need a break).  It works out well because my mama has a cat too, Smudge.  They are about the same age and we're hoping that this will make life without Peanut a bit easier for Bella.

Peanut asked me to make her a black cat hat so she can have a piece of Bella with her while she is away at college.  She swears she will wear this hat around campus and part of me believes her.  The request came after I finished Hobbit's hat.  Well, last night while we were watching "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire", I finished her Bella Beanie.  She humored me with photos so now I can post the pattern for y'all to enjoy!

Peanut and her Bella Beanie


  1. Love this pattern, and it came at the perfect time. Last night my daughter asked for a hat just like this, and this morning I saw your pattern. Like your daughter, my daughter raised her cat from the day it was born until he was 16yrs old. I accidentally ran over him this past fall, but we were able to help him pull through...with a ton of vet bills....but worth every penny to compensate for my guilt. Unfortunately, it happened again two months later...he was deaf and didn't hear the car and I thought he was still up on the deck. We had him cremated and placed in a beautiful redwood box that sits atop our fireplace mantel. My daughter finds it somewhat comforting that he is able to "watch over her". Sorry to drag on like this, but I guess it's my guilt. Anyway, I'm going to make the hat the same color as he was (Russian Blue). Thank you for posting this pattern as I know it'll help us as we heal from this loss.

  2. I don't care if it's considered bad form to respond in your own blog comments - I just had to since I couldn't figure out how to email you without an address.. I'm crafty but that one was beyond my power.

    Denise, I am so sorry for your loss. Few things in this world hurt so much as losing a pet - and to feel as though you were the cause of it makes it a million times harder. I hope that my silly little hat brings a smile to your family ~ to you while you knit it and to your daughter when she receives it.

    There are few things that are better therapy for the soul than the gentle clicking of needles and the handling of soft yarn. Be at peace and let your heart mend while you work on this for your daughter... and thank you for sharing your touching story with me. I can't wait to see how your Russian Blue Beanie turns out.


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