14 January 2011


Meet Ramsay.  The newest addition to our family.  We got him from the stale puppy section too.  Apparently if you're 4 months old, you need to be on clearance because you an old man... fine by me!

He's adjusting nicely and is such a sweetheart... although he has a habit of stealing sips of my coffee.  I need to find a pattern to make him a sweater.  I know Chihuahuas just shake because of trying to contain all that power (lost?  Watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua.. it's too cute for words) but it's honestly cold here and I think he would precious in a little sweater.  Only challenge is, I am not sure if I have anything 'manly' enough in my stash... lol.

1 comment:

  1. What a perfect idea for that sweet "young man". He is going to be the luckies little guy joining your family. He probably will make for perfect stash busting items. :)


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