11 January 2011


Man, I had a funky dream last night... past two nights actually.  It's weird when stuff like that happens - having pretty much the same dream two nights in a row.  It's like a mini-series for your sleep.  I wonder if it will pick up again tonight.. lol.

Rendition of Miss Paula
I know I have a friend or two who would call them 'premonitions' but I just call it wackadoodle.  I mean come on - who else would dream about being adopted by cute little puppy who favors Paula Deen?  Who else would have a continuation of such a dream that was so mundane that it involved sitting in a chair with Miss Paula, knitting and watching a movie? 

Only someone who is a little wackadoodle - and that someone is apparently me.

1 comment:

  1. Ha! Sounds like you might be adopting a puppy in your near future.....Just sayin'


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