23 January 2011

Knitting Mission: Impossible

Two attempts failed.  The final products were perfectly crafted and assembled - they just didn't fit.  Making a sweater for Ramsay is proving to be impossible.

He's tiny and he's not going to get any bigger, those are the facts.  He's a whopping 4 pounds and less than a foot in length.  He's just uber tiny.  I find it amusing that the very aspect of what makes him so appealing to me is the bane of my knitting existence at the moment.

I was making this cute sweater from Talking Tales but it is just way to big.  Here, take a look for yourself.
It's more like a little puppy poncho than anything.  The arm holes were too small, the neck area wasn't tall enough and the back was just way to long.  I love this pattern for it's simplicity and ability to practice fun things like cables and color working.  I've not given up on this pattern, I'll just need to do some serious modifications to it.

Oh well, some of our puppy friends are getting some snuggly warm presents in the mail while we work this out.  If.. no, when... I figure this out for him, I'll be sure to post the pattern for others who might have uber tiny fur babies that are in the same Knitting Mission: Impossible boat.

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  1. Hi,
    I too have a Chi and the funny thing about her is she was supposed to stay about 5lbs. However at about 1 1/2yrs she is about 9.5 lbs, it doesn't sound like alot unless like myself your handicapped and have to carry her. But back to my story, I have tried about 4 different patterns trying to find the right one for her. She is long 12" from neck to tail and broad chested 17" but her middle is very small. I have had a heck of a time getting one just right while I have one that works it just isn't as cute as I would like it to be. I'm going to try your basic pattern adding on for her size and hopefully I will actually be happy with the results. So far while they work i'm not really happy with the others i've tried. Your lil guy is just adorable by the way! Thanks for posting this pattern.


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