03 January 2011

The First PSA of 2011

It amazes me how some people who fall into certain age brackets are so incredibly rude and inconsiderate.  Some even feel as though they are entitled - to what, I have no idea but that is the air they give off to the world.  I, for one, have had enough.

There are a few simple rules that others seem to have forgotten through the years so I thought I would list out a little cheat sheet here.  Now, going forward, those few don't come across like a complete tool.  Please feel free to print this out and carry it with you, should you be one, or give it to a friend, should they be one.  Might I suggest laminating for long-term usability.  Alright, here we go ~
Just doing my part to ensure a better tomorrow
  1. If you are visiting someone, turn your cell phone off or on silent.  You are being graciously accepted into someone else's home - act gracious and at least pretend you want to be there.
  2. Don't snatch things from other people.  It doesn't matter if they are 5 or 50, snatching is just rude and uncalled for - unless they are about to electrocute themselves and you are prepared to take the hit for them, keep your grabby fingers to yourself.
  3. If you're going to talk nasty about someone, whisper it please.  While you may not like a member in the house and don't have the ability to keep your opinions to yourself, at least be sure to whisper your derogatory comments... some people have excellent hearing.
  4. Open your eyes - you might learn something.  Now, if the cell phone is off and you are paying attention to the host or hostess, this would not need to be said at all.  (These all seem to tie into one another, don't they?)  If you are gracious and keep your eyes open, you would pick up on these subtle queues and learn how to behave properly since it is apparent to all around you that you were not raised properly.
  5. You get one free pass, don't blow it.  Faux pas happen and they are generally excusable... or should it be better phrased that excuses are made for your behavior.  Everyone gets a free pass - it's usually chalked up to nerves.  Sometimes, depending on your demeanor, you can earn more passes over time but this takes a very special sort of person to have a constant free pass - a charm that few possess.  Once you have made your faux pas, learn from it.  Be humble and apologetic and then move on... don't roll your eyes, heave a sigh and grumble about it over one of the half a dozen phone calls you've taken whilst you were visiting.
  6. You are responsible for you.  That one is self-explanatory.  If you are behaving badly, it's your fault.  If you do it, you own it.  Plain and simple.
  7. You are not arbitrarily entitled, regardless of what you've been told.  I'm sorry if you feel as though you have been shafted all your life.  That is a horrible outlook to have but the reality is - it's life.  Suck it up and move on.  Everyone's perception is their own reality so what sounds like hard knocks to you might be a cake walk to someone else.  Keep that in mind.
  8. Hire someone to Gibbs you periodically - it might help.  Now that you have all of these guidelines, might I suggest that you have someone to Gibbs you periodically as a reminder of your asinine behavior.  This needs to be a person with a firm grasp of above outlined rules so that the Gibbs are dispensed in a timely and appropriate fashion.  For those who are unsure as to what it means to be Gibbs'd, please click here.
 I'm sure y'all can guess what brought this PSA on and I'm sure y'all would be correct.  I am constantly amazed at the lack of actual parenting in the world today but that is a topic for another post.  I'll just leave y'all with these words ~

"Discipline doesn't break a child's spirit half as often as the lack of it breaks a parent's heart". (Anonymous)

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  1. Gibbs ya! LOVE it!! We use that term too!!! Bwahahahhaah! I LOVE that show!


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