17 January 2011

Perfect Day

So the kids are off from school today and I was totally excited about our bonus day but then I heard it... the soft rumblings of thunder.  The gentle smacking of rain on the patio stones.  The defused pop of lightening through the curtains.  Swell.

All of my surprise plans for the day have been shot to the moon and now it's 8:30 a.m. on our bonus day with no children awake as of yet - even the fuzzy ones are snoozing at my feet or in my arms as I type this.  Oh well.

I guess I could grab the buttons for Ramsay's sweater and sew them on and then finish my knitting for the camera cover I'm designing.  I could start that really cool shrug project with my knitimidating yarn.  I could make some sticky buns and cocoa just before waking the kids so we can have our rainy day adventures inside.  I could pull out the cross stitch I've been meaning to set up and start that I got for Christmas two years ago. 

I could go on and on with this list but instead, I think I will join the rest of the house in their apparent favorite activity.  Seems to be the perfect day for it.

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