15 January 2011

Chef's Jacket

No proper chef is without his jacket so I thought that I would make Ramsay one - he is, after all, a proper chef.  I'm working on a prototype since I'm going to have to design it myself.  Most of the sweaters I found patterns for were way too big and didn't have exactly what I was looking for in a sweater for Ramsay.  So I did my research and configurations and I am working it up as we speak - currently in left over yarn from "Pokey's Superstar Hat" so it will look beautiful on him!

As you can see, Ramsay is super small (4 whole pounds) and his breed loses heat rather quickly due to not having a lot of body fat on them.  Granted, it doesn't get cold often in Florida but when it does, you definitely feel it.. at least I do.  Raising my girls, I always went with the rule of thumb that if I was cold, they were probably cold too - why would it be any different for my fur babies?

Off to work on my little chef's jacket and hopefully it will be done tonight.  Have a fabulous Saturday!


  1. Did you ever get his chef's jacket made? My little Chihuahua is also 4 lbs. If I put a sweater on her she thinks she's going on a trip! Hahaha! Aren't they the best?

    1. Ramsay had to be rehoused because we just weren't a good fit. He needed an owner who could spend hours in a chair snuggling him and I just couldn't dedicate all the time he needed for attention. He is in a lovely home now and fully cuddled at all times.

    2. They aren't for everyone. As long as he's with a good family, that's the important thing. I highly socialized mine so she isn't the typical nervous, semi-neurotic chihuahua. They are cuddlers but mine knows when I'm finished and she will go snuggle in her blankets. <3


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