04 January 2011

I Have Been Knitting... I Promise

See - told you!
The last few posts have seemed as though I've not been knitting but I have... I promise.

Peanut fell in love with Hobbit's bunny hat and requested one for herself, except she wanted it to look like Bella.  Bella is her cat that she has raised since it was born, literally.  The mama didn't care much for Bella because she was the runt.  We rescued her more times than we care to remember because her mama kept hiding her around the house or sitting on her.  Funny to look back and remember but scary at the time.

So I have been commissioned by my eldest to create a black cat hat, complete with face, that she can wear while she is away at college.  Something so that she will always have "Bells" with her even though she won't be at home.

Bella Beanie - a WIP
Don't worry - I've been writing the pattern out so I can share it with all of you too.  What good is creating something magical if I can't share?  I hope to have it done this week.  I've been noodling over the ear situation and I might have finally worked it out where they won't look like deformed bunny ears or mutant mouse ones.

Wish me luck!

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