29 January 2011

Another 3 Months

I did it.  I went to get my hair adjusted because I couldn't live with the growing out mess any longer.  I'm am pleased to report that there were no tears this time but it was certainly a roller coaster of a morning.

I arrive to the salon at roughly 8:30 a.m. so I could be one of the first to see Mrs. Doni, just as she instructed me to do last night on the phone.  One sweet woman was ahead of me and then I was to be seen.  No biggie, I brought my book and I was prepared to wait.  20 minutes later and it was my turn - my stomach flipped.

She wet my hair and inspected the damage for a second time.  Amazed and disgusted at the fact that there were "four different haircuts going on", she said that she could do a few things to make it more presentable but that I would need to come back again in three months for the final fix.  Okay, I can deal with that information.

Mrs. Doni proceeds to go to town and correct my hair.  She is a peach of a girl and had I not been so scared, I would have enjoyed her company much more.  When she had worked her magic and completed the task of 'adjusting' the monstrosity that was done to me 3 months prior, I honestly smiled.  I didn't feel so ugly anymore.  I could see the rainbow on the horizon and those three months didn't seem so unbearable now.  I believe I may have actually let out a huge sigh of relief, physically - not metaphorically. 

Then, I saw her... Mo, the hair mutilator, had reported for work.  What was she doing there?  Why was she still employed?  More importantly, why on earth would she speak to me - telling me I was looking sharp - when she was the reason for my trauma over the past three months and these future three months?  Who did she think she was... I was livid.  I had no idea that I would feel this way either.  I am generally a jovial and amicable person but when I saw Mo, I saw red.

Is it wrong that I hoped Mrs. Doni took Mo aside and explained that once she worked on my hair, she realized damage she had done to me.  Is it wrong that I hoped that Mrs. Doni thanked Mo for her time but her services were no longer required at that establishment?  Yes, I know it's wrong - but on some levels it is completely justified.  In any other position, if you had erred as much as Mo had, you would have been dismissed.

Oh well.  I choose to look on the bright side, my hair will look cute and presentable again in just 3 months... 12 weeks... 84 days.

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