12 January 2011

The Reality of It

"The day got away from me"... "I didn't have time"... "It's been a crazy day"...

Classic excuses as to why things don't accomplished - at home, at work, with family or with friends - but the truth is, it's not true.  Today is no different than any other day.  Yep, that's the reality of it.  Every day is exactly the same.  What we do with it is what makes it different.  Even if you do the same thing every day, how you view it is what makes it different.  Take today for example.  I have laundry and knitting on my accomplishment wish list.  The laundry is doing it's thing in the washing machine and I'm sitting here... on the computer.

Hobbit heading to the bus stop this morning
So far today, I have gotten my shower and made my bed coupled with getting Hobbit up and off to school.  Oh, and I shot a few photos this morning for my 365 Project (found here but there is a short homage page up on the right).  In about 2 hours, I'm going to have to go and get Peanut from school and then not long after that I'll be standing at the bus stop waiting for Hobbit's return from school.  I haven't knit a single stitch as of yet.

Now once the kids are home, I don't have any other reason to leave the house.  They have homework, we have supper and baths and reading.  I may have knit a row by now... may have, but more than likely not.  Around 6:30ish, Pokey comes in from work.  We have supper, talk and clean up.  He sits down to play his game online and I will probably sit next to him.  The kids will be in bed.  An hour or two later, the computers are off and we're headed to bed... and not one stitch was knit.

Truth of the matter is, the day didn't get away from me... I had plenty of time... my day was in no way crazy ~ I was simply too lazy to do it.  That is the truth.  Yes, I want to knit - I love to knit - but apparently on this day, I wanted to sit here more.  So no more lies about why it didn't get done - and no more being lazy.  It's time to commit to my design project and complete it.  I have a queue of projects a mile long behind it that I want to accomplish.

My days aren't crazy, time isn't fleeting and I'm getting up to go knit.  Seriously.


  1. Good luck with the knitting commitments :) And thanks for the straight forward post! It reminds me that all that's keeping me from my todo list is me and my laziness!

    Gotta get on that...

  2. But still, isn't it nice to play hooky from your to do list? Although if I am playing hooky, you can usually find me knitting!


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