27 January 2011

Letter to the Principle

Dear Sir

I have a grievance that I feel needs to be brought to your attention.  It is regarding the excessive use of profanity by unsupervised students roughly 20 minutes before school is official dismissed.

I pick up my daughter from school every day as we participate in the School Choice program.  Generally, I arrive just after 1 p.m. and am one of the first cars posed to receive my child upon dismissal.  At approximately 1:20 p.m. every school day, a group of students emerge from the building and simply congregate on the front stairs.  They holler at the top of their lungs, participate in dangerous horseplay that will no doubt end up with one of them getting injured and have absolutely no respect for adults.

The last remark is based off of my own personal encounters with these children.  I have addressed them personally regarding their foul language and lack of civility, only to be greeted with more profanity and threats.  The front office has been informed of these shenanigans upwards of five times and yet nothing has been done.  The same group of students, carrying on in the same delinquent manner.

I don't believe that I, or my youngest child, should have to endure such things as we wait for our student to be released from class.  Numerous question come to mind regarding these children:  Why are these children being released 20 minutes prior to the official bell?  Why are these students unsupervised?  Why are they loitering on campus if their school day is in fact complete?  The most important question to me though is why has nothing been done?

By not addressing these behaviors, those students are under the false impression that they are acceptable.  Perhaps in their home life environment, they are receiving a disservice by being permitted to behave in such a fashion that the rest of civilized society would find appalling.  Perhaps they are not used to having adults set boundaries and reprimand them for their atrocious behavior and utter lack of respect for their elders.  Regardless, they should be taught now how to behave in society so that they have a better chance of succeeding in life.

I am hoping that this letter will have a better end result than my previous visits to the front office have produced.  No one should be subjected to the disgusting displays that I have witnessed thus far this school year.  I am gobsmacked as to why it has not been addressed as of yet and we are halfway through the year.  If you are needing more detail, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I can give you detailed information regarding the goings on of these students.  Might I suggest that one day, you stand on the wall by the Senior picnic tables close to the school entrance so you can listen to it for yourself.

These behaviors need to be addressed, as they are offensive and inappropriate.  As a school that proudly displays how they are partnering for excellence, I find it amazing that this has been allowed to go on for so long.  I implore you to take swift measures in remedying the situation.



  1. I have this exact problem at my daughters school. The children from the middle school let our earlier and walk over to the elementary school to pick up their younger siblings. They smoke cigarettes, there is horseplay (that on several occasions have resulted in cops being called) and much foul language. I too have mentioned it to the school and to the children themselves. Now I am personally harassed by the children to the point that I have to wait in my car until school lets out as to not draw their attention. I hope the school you go to does something about this for your sake. I know the school I go to will not do anything.

  2. My Mom has been a bus driver for over 25 years and the things she has seen and heard and been subjected to just blows my mind! One day, years back, I was really questioning my decision to homeschool my kids (and I'm not saying that everyone should homeschool) and later in that day I happened to follow a bus full of kids onto the military base. I was apalled at all I saw going on on that bus! Reinforced my decision for sure! So sad. And often times the school can't really do all that much because the parents refuse to. Craziness!!

  3. At my kids' former school, I watched as two boys (in shorts mind you in 17 degree weather) took down the American flag from the flagpole and proceeded to play tug of war with it. It was supposed to be an honor to be chosen to do it.

  4. Check this out!!!! Maybe they need to do this a little more if parents aren't willing to parent their kids!



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