26 January 2011

I'm Eskerd

My hair is finally growing out from that horrendous hair homicide back in October - woo hoo!  That is the fabulous good news.  The bad news is that it needs to be shaped up now and I'm eskerd to go call the manager and have it done.

Y'all have no idea how traumatic this was for me.  I had long golden tresses that I just wanted to get trimmed up and made lighter for bounce and curl.  I came out with hair that was less than 1 inch at it's longest point.  I'm not exaggerating, that is the honest truth.  I measured it!

That isn't even the worst part - it's not even at all.  I am hoping to get a cut that is shaped up and can grow out nicely so I won't have to go back.  I realize that isn't practical or even plausible but it's my fantasy.  In reality, I will probably have to go back at least three times to get it back... which means, given the time frame that my hair grew this much (3 months), then I should have normal people hair again by Christmas and quasi presentable hair by my anniversary... fingers crossed.

I guess I'll bite the bullet and call Bobbi in the morning.  I'm sure she'll remember me - that sad little mess of a woman who had a breakdown in the chair just before Halloween... and the hair, oh the hair.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that tomorrow, we stay on the road to recovery.

1 comment:

  1. you poor thing! After months of hounding from my hubby and mama, I have decided to get A TRIM. I have an issue with hairdressers. I always end up too short, or no shape, or an absolute mess. I bring in a picture, not that I expect to ever look exactly like the model, but the hair is a possibility, I look like crap every time. So, I have not had a hair cut in a long time, because of that decision I look like crap. So, tomorrow, my appointment is with someone new. I feel like I am stepping out, doing something I shouldn't. My old hairdresser does not know. Am I cheating? I feel like it.


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