13 January 2011

Camera Bag... maybe

I have been searching for a camera bag ever since my birthday back in December.  Pokey bought me a fabulous new camera but I don't have any place to put it to keep it safe when it's not in use... granted, it's rarely 'not in use' but still.

My diligent searching found some gorgeous bags but they had exorbitant price tags to go with them.  I want simple, classy and girly.  It's not a tough order and there are several bags that could fill it - problem is, they would fill the bill and empty my wallet.  That's when I decided to design a felted one for myself.

So far, I've got the stitches cast on and a few rounds worked but I'm just not 'feeling' it, you know?  It's pretty yarn and it will felt up nicely but I don't think I like where my initial design was taking me.  I might have to frog it and start over.  I've got a much simplier plan in mind now - just needed to remember what my daddy always told me.

Now I'm off to kiss the old design good bye and K.I.S.S. the new one hello.  Stay tuned!

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