10 January 2011

Yucky Day

Have I ever mentioned how much I detest thunderstorms?  Oh yes, I do... very much so.  Ever since I was a little girl, I have been scared of them.  I try to be brave when the kids are around but mostly, I just want to find a dark hole and fall asleep before it comes - I can sleep through anything!  Unfortunately, all day is going to be filled with the constant flash and boom of thunderstorms... joy.

The girls went back to school.  Christmas break is over and Buddy misses his playmates.  The house is quiet and I'm a bit out of sorts because... well... I miss my playmates too.

Do you know that I still haven't found the right pattern for my knitimidating yarn - insane, I know.  My knee jerk reaction was to make a hat, scarf and mitten set for Peanut but I'm not sure she would properly care for the yarn and end up with a tiny felted set one day.  I thought about doing a simple wrap in just a plain garter stitch so the yarn could do all the talking but let's face it, that just isn't a worthy project for this glorious fiber.  I toyed with the idea of doing a shrug but apparently if you have a more ample bust line, they don't make shrugs for you.  I thought I had found a fabulous sweater but the Ravelry link leads nowhere.  I'm thinking that perhaps it's just not the right time and the knitting universe is trying to drill it into my thick head that I should work on something else.  Oh well, I guess for once I will actually listen.

On a different note, my adventures in teaching myself how to crochet yesterday were a dismal failure.  I may have figured out the Tunisian stitch but I think that is only because it reminds me of knitting.  It's a useful and rather attractive stitch but I want to make amigurumi items so it won't help.  I'm not discouraged though, it's just another project that I will simply have to attempt again on a different day.  Although, I know I'd be able to get the hang of it if I could just spend a day with my sister-in-law... or perhaps I nice weekend trip to North Carolina for a visit with my friend Jules, another master hooker.  (okay, I'm twelve because that made me giggle and choke on my coffee when I read it back)

Alrighty, it's time that this yucky day got a kick in the pants, Andi style.  Time for a Hugh Grant movie marathon, coffee and some knitting.  If that doesn't blow the funk right out of the air, nothing will!

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