24 January 2011

Ramsay's Romper - Done

After several false starts, I finally created Ramsay's Romper!  The directions were even more challenging to write out so I drew them out instead.  I know that isn't my normal way of doing things but this project has had me twisted for two weeks straight!

I hope that you are able to follow along and if you have any issues, please email me.  I am here to help you through it should the need arise.

Remember, once these two pieces are done, you are going to need to sew them together.  Place the right sides together at the collar area (12 rows of 2x2 ribbing) and sew down those 12 rows on each side.  Then you will sew up from the "Under" side hem (2 rows of 2x2 ribbing) for the 11 rows just prior to the decrease for the arm hole on each side.  Weave in ends and turn right side out.  Wala ~ one Ramsay's Romper ready to go!

Enjoy making this and I hope that  your precious pooch enjoys wearing it equally as much as Ramsay is enjoying his.  Now, off to find the colors to make a little tiny chef's jacket!

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