15 January 2011

Buttons and Burgers

I finished Ramsay's jacket today - it was so simple!  I started with the basic garter stitch and used this pattern for the skeleton - meaning I used the yarn weight and starting stitch count but I had to modify it greatly in order to fit my little puppy.

I was so busy working it up and measuring the work up against him that I forgot to write down the actual pattern.  I promise, I will write it down for my next jacket so I can share it with you.  Currently, I need to pick up two buttons and then I'll take a shot of Ramsay in his new coat.  It looks really great!  Next attempt, Chef Whites... oh yeah!

Here is the basic coat, unblocked and without buttons.  I'll update after I get back from Wally World tonight ~ got to go grocery shopping anyway.

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