06 March 2011

All Gone

Welp, all four of the fair fish have gone belly up.  No clue why and no real remorse around here.  We did warn the girls that we would be lucky if they made it through the week.  It's rough, the life of a carnie - especially if you are a fish.

Here's the kicker, Pokey told Hobbit that if the fish did die, he would take her to get a more hearty type of fish - a beta.  Guess what they'll be doing later on this week.  I'm not anti-fish, I'm just not real keen on them.  They just sit there.  Taking up space.  Making a mess and living in it.  Yeah, not a big fan.

Oh well, it's Pokey's undertaking, not mine... and should this next one die, I believe the tank will get put up while the rest of the occupants of the house are at work or school.  It's just flushing money down the toilet every time... pardon the pun.

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