05 March 2011

Tea and Tears

WiP ~ Scary Sweater
I meant to tell y'all yesterday but I got sidetracked and forgot.  While I was waiting in the car line at Hobbit's school, I made some serious progress on my Scary Sweater.  I am really starting to enjoy how it is coming out, even though the whole lack of actual measurements irks me to no end.

Anyway, the bell rang which is my cue to put the knitting up and get ready for departure.  As I leaned over to put my pattern binder in my bag, the bottom of my expensive yarn dipped itself into my tea glass!!  When I realized it, I just started to cry.  I opened the glove box and began using the napkins I hoard in there for emergencies.  I squeezed it out in 10 napkins!  I was in such a mood for the rest of the afternoon.  Thank goodness Pokey understands the importance and significance of what happened or else I am pretty sure there would have been an even bigger cloud of doom and gloom.  He knew all I needed was an "oh baby, I'm so sorry", coupled with a hug since there was really nothing he could do to fix it.  Sympathy and understanding during this crisis was all that was in order - and y'all know, it was truly a crisis.

Looking at it today, you can't see a discoloration in the yarn but I can feel a texture difference.  Since I squeezed it as soon as it happened, I believe that helped out a great deal.  Just like blotting a carpet after you spill tea or coffee on it.  Just because it is known to stain, blotting it will absorb the liquid and give you a better shot of not having a stain when you're done.  I am not really sure what else I can do at this point since it is still on my needles.  I obviously don't want it to be ruined but I can't really wash it properly right now.  I know I'll figure something out now that I have a clearer mind about it but so far, I'm drawing a blank.

The Knitting Gods are telling me to never spend so much ever again - got the message guys, loud and clear!

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