10 March 2011

Classic Cache

Some of my friends were talking about their yarn stash and shared some photos.  A very dear woman whom I simply adore has a nifty floor to ceiling cupboard that is very neatly organized but also closed off from view.  It's no wonder that we are friends because I have the same set up here, albeit more modest.

I have always been taught to respect your treasure-trove of yarn.  Keep it clean and free from harm.  To see some of the ways that others keep their stash, all tangled and thrown on the floors of miscellaneous closets, just broke my heart.  There was no respect for their craft - for their art.  By keeping their tools in such a manner, I can't help but wonder what their projects look like - do they pick up dropped stitches and fix mis-stitched pattern work or do they just leave the messes and move on... I would tend to think the later.

Now I bet you're sitting there wondering what my stash looks like - well, wonder no more because I will share with you.  My stash is simple.  It's understated and it's far from ostentatious. 

My yarn lives in Hobbit's baby dresser, a little three drawer cupboard that sits in the playroom.  I have organized it in such a way so that I can not over purchase and I must use before I replenish. 
As you can see, all of my full skeins are in the top drawer - and my top drawer is full.  This means that I can not purchase any more yarn until I work through what I have up there.  In that drawer awaits a hat & scarf set for Peanut, a shawl for Peanut, a sweater vest for Pokey and even a possible pair of socks should I ever get that brave.  I also have "emergency skeins" for last minute presents that I can whip up in a day, like a hat, but they are mostly masculine colors since they are leftover from when hats4heroes was running.

I have been contemplating winding up the partial skeins so they can go in the Bits & Bobs drawer and use the second drawer for more full skeins but that would defeat my purpose of limitations.  Bits & Bobs is less than half the initial skein left while a partial is half or more... so as you can see, that would be illogical.

I guess I better cracking on some projects if I want to make room for new yummy yarns!

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