21 March 2011


Have you ever met Itchalina?  No?  Oh my, well that is something we're going to have to remedy, isn't it.  Readers, I am pleased to introduce you to Itchalina... Itchalina, these are our readers (cute little lot, aren't they!).

Itchalina came to live in our home one winter's night.  She is a dear friend of my youngest daughter, Hobbit.  You see, Hobbit had developed an allergic reaction to some medication she was issued.  Her entire body was one big hive.  I wish I were exaggerating, but I am not.  From the top of her head all the way to soles of her feet, one super huge hive... and she itched!

Most people would suggest giving her Benadryl for it and I would normally be one of them - but Hobbit is allergic to it so we usually just have to tough it out.  It's difficult for me, a grown woman, to tough it when I break out in hives so imagine being a tiny 5-year-old and attempting to do it.  Enter - Itchalina!

She was sitting in our local pharmacy, waiting for me to arrive.  I told her how beautiful she was and she explained what her purpose in life was - to take away Hobbit's itchies!  She had heard about how horrible Hobbit felt and how she was being such a good girl with toughing it out but Itchalina was coming to lend a hand, as it were.  Wherever Hobbit had an itch, she could scratch Itchalina and feel better!!  Oh I was in tears over how selfless this little bug was being... and I did what any other mother would do it - cuddle her all the way to the check out, hoping that she would bring some relief to her little baby girl.

Hobbit loves her Itchalina and Itchalina loves her Hobbit.  A match made in heaven.

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