23 March 2011

Stars Hollow

That's where I am going to spend the day.  I'm going visit my best girlfriends and catch up on lost time.  We'll stroll around town, share some coffee and stories and perhaps even a tear or two.  I love spending the day there.  It has such a calming effect - nothing beats a day of knitting with friends.

I am hoping to make some major progress on my sweater today.  This part is my major hangup with larger projects... you reach that repetitive point and it just gets to be a tad boring.  It's 'nose to the grindstone' now and just muster through to the other side... only 33" left to go... it's a cake walk.  As a motivator, I'll post "before" and "after" shots of my day's work... yeah, that's the ticket!  So here is the "before"...
Starting point - 11" completed
and I will update this with the "after" before I go to bed tonight.  I hope I make some decent headway - I think if I can get to 23", I'll be tickled... because that marks the beginning of the downhill slide!

I hope y'all have a Stars Hollow day today too.

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