21 March 2011

It's A...

School Night!

I'm not tickled or anything... seriously, I'm not.

Okay, I'm a bad liar.  I love my kids to no end, I really do, but I love my daily routines too and I haven't been able to do them for 10 days!  That is a long time to be off kilter with your norm.  Plus, we are now entering what has been deemed "The Final Stretch" so things are going to get uber hectic around here and it's nice to know that I have some semblance of normalcy in my life... even if it is simply laundry or basic housework.

Peanut's birthday is this Thursday and that is the kick off to The Final Stretch.  After her birthday, it's Hobbit's turn just 3 weeks later.  Then we've got graduation a mere 4 weeks after that which is closely followed the next day by Pokey's birthday.  It all wraps up with Hobbit's last of day of school two days later - and the next morning the girls are off to Texas with my folks.

I'm exhausted just typing it all out.  I have also been working like the devil to get as many photos in as possible so that I can create something spectacular for the girls during this upcoming time apart while Peanut is away at college.  I know they are going to miss one another terribly so I'm creating something special that I hope will help ease the transition for them.  I'm about finished except for the aforementioned celebrations.

So yes, I am excited that it's a school night... but I'm also anxious about this Final Stretch... so laundry and housework are basically my saving graces at the moment.

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