31 March 2011

Hopefully, Once Again... Soon. ~ 2KCBWDAY4

Our distributor sent us this photo
of heroes enjoying our wares.
Hats4Heroes.org.  That is the name of my charity.  It is on hiatus right now due to the economy but we ran strong for several years... and I have faith that one day, we will run strong again.

I have told you about my love for knitting hats earlier this week so it seemed like a natural progression that I would donate all of them through a charity.  December of 2008 is when I started to work.  I found military guidelines and a distributor so I set to work.  I created a cause on Facebook and just began knitting with the hopes that others would join in - and boy did they.  We were even featured in an article for the online crafting magazine, KnitchMagazine.com - that was so exciting for us!

We grew to over 600 members and we were averaging almost 300 hats a month.  I then worked to get permission to send to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center to show our wounded heroes how much we cared.  After almost a year of red tape and paperwork, I was given the go ahead!  We expanded our work to included afghans and amputee covers.

One day's worth of donations
Unfortunately, our darkest day came on August 1st of 2010.  We had a garage full of items to ship and $0.16 in our shipping account.  Our personal savings had been depleted and we had no other choice but to put operations on hold until our economy begins to turn around.  It took us several months to slowly ship out the overstock but all items have been sent to our military.  While the hiatus has weighed heavy on my heart, the hope of starting up again is always there.

We were just a group of everyday men and women who simply wanted to show our boys and girls in the Armed Forces how much we appreciate all that they do for us on a daily basis.  I know that we will be able to show that appreciation again... hopefully, one day soon.


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