07 March 2011


It's defined as an occupation upon which one chooses to make their livelihood.  There is no mention of abilities or outcomes, just the simple statement that a person decided that they wanted to do something, charge a fee and earn a living.

I am quickly learning that there are many in the photographic arts community who, whilst deeming themselves as professionals, don't act the part one bit.  Elitist mindsets and attitudes run amok and bullying is not only common but cheered.  The feelings of insecurity given off by these actions is so thick it permeates through the community with such a foul stench that you want to toss your cookies.  These so called professionals even created a site on the internet specifically to insult other photographers work.

Art is subjective.  One person may love a shot that another may not.  There is no right or wrong way to view art.  Photography is an art form, plain and simple.  What I find to be beautiful, you may not and visa versa.  You know what though, that's okay.  These differences are what gives us such a wide breadth of fabulously creative imagery.

These people that are being ridiculed are simply making a living.  Those who are passing judgement on the others works are simply being elitist snobs.  Not one ounce of creative criticism is to be found in their comments.  It's simply bullying at it's most basic level.  It doesn't make them look smarter.  It doesn't make them appear more creative.  It simply shows their level of insecurity and false sense of entitlement.  If I were to make a disparaging comment about those things which I do not care for, would that make me better than those whom I've insulted - not at all.  Would it serve any useful purpose for me to bully another simply because I might not have the same vision in regards to a something as trivial as a picture - absolutely not.

Why is it that when someone shows a desire to do something, others feel the need to tear them down?  Does my photography in Florida somehow impact your photography in New York?  It all comes down to one of two things - those who insult others work are either so ego centric that they believe everyone is doing things in this crazy world just to have an impact on their life or they are just that insecure about their own abilities.

If someone wants to call themselves a professional, fine, but that someone should also act like one as well.

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  1. someone linked that site on facebook and i checked it out the other day. i agree wih you completely. just clicking on to it left a bad taste in my mouth.


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