15 March 2011

It's All In The Bag

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A group of friends were chatting and showing off their knitting bags.  One uses an old bowling bag that I thought was cute and suited her funkiness... then I looked over at my current project bag.  Did my project bag reflect me?

I have a lot of bags that I use for my knitting.  Totes, designer creations, homemade beauties and everything in between.  I pick my bag to best suit my project, not my mood.  If I'm working on something big, I just use my JoAnn recycle bag - seen here with my current Faux Circle Sweater tucked neatly inside.  It isn't the most beautiful bag in the universe, though I do think it's cute.  It holds everything I need it to hold at the moment and isn't that all I need?

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I sat for a moment, staring at my bag, when I suddenly remembered my one true love of knitting bags.  A bag I found umpteen billion years ago and fell in love with, mainly because it did the one thing I was searching for - convert into a backpack for travel!  Now, I do use this bag when I travel but whats to say that I can't use it every day?  And if I must only confine myself to using it for travel, don't I travel back and forth on my Mom's Taxi service daily route?  I think that qualifies - plus, with it's great closing flap, it will keep Ramsay out of trouble!

So now, I'm off to switch my knitting bags.  Raspberry knitting backpack, oh how I've missed you!  Just look at all the lovely features of this bag - it has a sturdy front closure that you could probably use in a mountain climbing emergency.  It has a zippered thin pocket in the lid flap.  When you open it up, the front little bungee hinged pocket has a ton of needle loops and opens wide so you can see exactly what is inside.  It can hold the long 15" straight needles too, no worries there.  Little things like cable needles, stitch markers, tape measures and tapestry needles can all go in there too - or in one of the three side pockets or in the aforementioned top flap zipper pocket.
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These side pockets are fabulous.  One looks like your standard cell phone flap, the mesh one can easily hold a water bottle and the other even has a pop out ear for headphones to weave through, should you desire to rock while you work.  The headphone pocket has a zipper to it and it's large enough to hold a CD walkman (yeah, I'm talking old school bag here).  Now the main compartment is to die for - it's HUGE!  The top has a pull string closure to keep your stuff dry should you get caught out in the weather.  It also has about 8" of waterproof material that goes above the height of the sturdy constructed backpack... but that isn't the best part.  Oh no, the best part is the straps.  It can be a backpack, my personal favorite, or it can be an over the shoulder bag or an messenger bag or simply carry it with the top handle.  The versitality of the bag is every woman's dream come true... well, at least this woman's.

There you have it - a loving tribute to my favorite accessory, my knitting bag.

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