08 March 2011

Days Like Today

I don't care much for uncertainty.  It drives me buggers.  I made a dentist for Peanut and Hobbit 6 months ago and it is today... but today has now been filled with uncertainty so I'm not the happiest of campers.

Peanut being Peanut.. drawing
You see, Peanut gives her presentation on her Senior Project today.  Initially it was set for 4 p.m. but that is the same time as her dental appointment.  The teacher stated that they had cancellations and would be able to move her but failed to give her an exact time.

I don't do well with that kind of thing.  I need to know.  I have other things that need coordination like picking up Hobbit from school and such.  I don't "wing it" and I never have.  If you can't commit to a plan then simply commit to keeping quiet.

So now my day is all disheveled because I don't know if I am to leave to go and get Peanut at normal time, if I should go and get Hobbit first and come home, or if I should head straight to Peanut's school after getting Hobbit and if so then how long will we have to wait.  It's all just frustrating to me.

More people should listen to Ray Kroc ~ "Plan your work and work your plan".  Words to live by.

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