30 March 2011

Missing Child Alert - Stark County, Ohio *UPDATED*

My friend Megan Egger's daughter, Anastasia, has run away. If you are in the Stark County, Ohio area and see a teenage girl, blond hair, pink carhartt jacket, pink knit cap, black polka boots, please contact 330-680-4436, or the Stark County Sherriff.

She's been missing since around 1 p.m. this afternoon. Her photo is above. Her glasses are now black with pink accents but this is a pretty recent shot. She does look younger in her photos than in real life.

This is not a hoax, this is my friends daughter and we are all worried sick.  Please help us bring her home!

*UPDATE* 3/31/11 ~
Regarding Anastasia Eggers - someone picked her up and dropped her off at a BP last night in Louisville, Ohio. If you are in the Louisville area and see a 14-year-old girl with blond hair, wearing black leggings, a green sweater dress, black polka dot rain boots, dark pink Carhart jacket, pink knit cap and black glasses with pink accents - please call 330-680-4436 or the Stark County Sheriff.

1 comment:

  1. My heart goes out to you all. I will keep her in my prayers and trust that she will be home soon, unharmed.


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